Julien Thomas Photo Gallery

Julien Thomas is the author of 360 Production Asia.
He is also a traveler-photographer with years of experience in Southeast Asia.

2012 – Cambodia, Orphanage Sen Monorom
2016 – Cambodia, Siem Reap
2013 – Laos, Salavan Province
2010 – Thailand, Si Satchanalai
2016 – Vietnam, Phu Quoc Island
2016 – Vietnam, Phu Quoc Island
2015 – Cambodia, Koh Ta Kiev Island
2016 – Vietnam, Phu Quoc Island

Photography is a passion of Julien’s that became even more pronounced during his travels through Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia while seeking photojournalism and back-roads adventures.

A drone came aboard Julien’s backpack for some time, letting him express another form of storytelling.

Welcome to his gallery with a few behind-the-scenes looks at his journey 😉

  • Julien Thomas drive motorbike Bonus with a red Vietnamese stars and a Charente Maritime sticker, he is taking a photo while driving in Laos.
  • Julien Thomas encounter Vietnamese people in their house and having a snack during another travel in Southeast Asia.
  • Julien Thomas with a local old Khmer women. They are happy and smiling in a remote local village near dirt track, travel road in Cambodia.
  • Julien Thomas encounter Katou minority children in their remote village out off the beaten tracks in Laos.
  • Julien Thomas is encountering rural Khmer children in an hamlet on the very removed countryside of Cambodia.

Children and Local Life

This is Julien’s favorite theme. This French man has always been very interested in local communities and authentic lifestyles; it’s why he’s always looking for off the beaten track discoveries. As a previous traveler and still humanitarian, Julien has experienced that a language barrier is not as big of a detterent as it may seem.

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Culture and Heritage

Southeast Asian culture and history has always taken part in Julien’s journeys. Traveling from historical sites to observe the past and the present and to be confronted with different beliefs in countrysides and cities have been the keys he used to enter these countries even more deeply.

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Nature and Landscape

Along Julien’s traveled roads he has found inspiration from nature’s landscapes. From a wild camping site and secluded sceneries found on a dirt track to an isolated local bridge, animals along the road or simply the harmony between mother nature and humans, these scenes can blow your mind when you know the basic history of those countries.

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Drive down these sunny memories during Julien’s travels as he does, always with his own scooters, bicycles or on the motorbike he’s owned since the early 2010s. He is an independent traveler, loving contrast, human behavior and kind of real adventures!

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Breathe Fresh Air

Julien also became a drone pilot and for a couple of years captured his journeys through this method, though he has since finished. Mixing his most interesting traveling spots and his artistic eye, he ended up being highly regarded for his drone footage in Sihanoukville Province, Cambodia from 2016 to 2017.

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Video clips amateur

copyright-iconAll the photographs on this page have been taken by Julien Thomas.
Julien Thomas owns the copyrights and original sizes of all his photos.
For any use of a photograph, please contact him.

Thank you for your understanding and wish you had a good time browsing Julien’s gallery!

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